About Us

Earthwise Energy is a distributor and developer of solar electric systems.      Established in 2010 as a service-centric, wholesale distributor of solar energy products…development of Residential and Commercial Solar Electric Systems was a natural evolution of our core competencies.   Leveraging our relationships with Tier 1 product manufacturers, our team of meticulously skilled designers and engineers, myriad finance partners providing numerous financing solutions, and our nationwide network of seasoned contractors/installers Earthwise Energy provides a unique value to residential and commercial building owners, land owners and our breadth of partners.

Solar energy isn’t just what we provide – it’s what we are invested in for the future of our planet.   It is no longer debatable that the environment is suffering and the climate is changing.   Solar and renewable energy is no longer an alternative to the costly and dirty fossil fuels we are burning, it is the solution to the crisis we are in.   The Earthwise Energy team is passionate about doing our part to reverse this trend, and with each and every solar electric system we strive to provide you the best customer service experience imaginable, putting an exclamation on your decision to go solar!

Whether you are a DIY home owner, a seasoned installer or the owner of a boutique hotel we have a suite of services to compliment industry leading products and serve all of your solar needs. 

Join us.  The steps we take today can change the world.